PhotoInternational Steel & Counterweights traces our History to 1928 and the Maloof Steel organization of Concord, MA.  One of our founders, John Pastor began as a sales representative in 1954 for the Maloof organization, where he eventually worked his way to General Manager.  In the 1970s Pastor realized need for supplying low cost steel products to industry for their non-critical parts.  Working with Steel Mills from around the world, Pastor built a business focused exclusively on supplying cut parts, fabrications and weldments to industry made from steel no one else needed.

Spinning off from the Maloof organization, Pastor and co-founder Paul Vesey ran operations in Ohio, Illinois and Pennsylvania for a number of organizations.  Finally in 2010, Pastor, Vesey and a tight knit group of longtime associates ventured into partnership with AMG resources to create International Steel & Counterweights.  We have been running full speed ever since!